Wednesday, March 3, 2010

As Far as the Eye Can See

How amazing it is to know that other planets exist beyond earth, stars beyond our sun, and galaxies greater than our Milky Way. With all of the rapid technological advancements of modern day, mankind has still found no end to the universes. So much knowledge has been gained and many theories formed about the wonders of God’s stellar creations.

And despite this, we’ve only scratched the surface.

The spiritual world is no different. We communicate with God, pray at church and read the scriptures so we can have a better understanding of the Lord and His kingdom. But there are also times when we slow down, take a break, and eventually become ‘spiritually’ comfortable. Tradition often sets in and we spend less and less time seeking the Lord and learning His ways. We think we have seen all there is to see.

But beyond our physical world and even outer space - there is a spiritual world which we know very little of. Many people have been blessed to witness the signs, wonders and miracles of God since the beginning of time. Everything that we have ever heard or seen what God has done, there is still much more to grasp and experience. We have not, nor ever will be able to know everything about the kingdom of God. He is eternal, his wisdom is limitless and his love is everlasting.

We must always seek the Lord, understand His ways – and in doing so you will continue to travel the Spiritual journey that is set before you. After all, you’ve only scratched the surface.

~ J.D. Hodges

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